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  'Whatever help you can give, no matter how small, will be of immense benefit.  As we say in Tibet, the ocean is made of many small drops of water' - Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche.

Funds raised will go directly towards setting up and running our projects in East Tibet, and supporting the people you sponsor. You can also get involved through offering your services as a volunteer, introducing possible donors to us, or helping to raise money. Contact one of our representatives if you have any other queries.

Support can be given through two main directions:


Donations are handled by The Rigdzin Trust, a New Zealand registered charitable organisation.

The following payment methods are available:


You can support the people of East Tibet and the Ju Mohar Monastery with a sponsorship of US$200 to be used as you prefer for one of the following options :

  • the annual living expenses of a monk or a nun
  • training and annual salary of a literacy teacher
  • participation of a nomadic family in the leadership and literacy programme for one year

Contact one of our country representatives, and they will link you with a family or person of your choice. We will send you a photograph and description of the person or family according to your choice, and report to you each year.

You can pay using:

Payment methods

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Online Credit Card Payment

Credit card payments are processed securely using PayPal.

Select a project:

Please choose a currency and enter your donation amount:

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Note: PayPal takes 4% of the donation for processing fees.

Through the AFAP in Australia

Donations made through the AFAP are tax deductible in Australia. As such, this is the recommended method for Australian residents.

AFAP and the Vista Project are working jointly in the delivery of aid to communities overseas. AFAP closely monitors the work of the Vista Project to ensure the delivery of relief and/or development programs in China/Tibet in terms of project outcomes.

AFAP allows the Vista Project to use donated funds or donations in kind only for benevolent activities undertaken by the Vista Project. We the Vista Project do not have DGR status in our own right and are relying on AFAP's DGR endorsed status by the ATO. AFAP retains the ultimate discretion whether to distribute any funds in accordance with the preference expressed by the donor.


Donations can be made using the AFAP's secure online donation form.

By the label 'Program to donate to' ensure that it says 'Rigdzin - Vista Program'.


Print out and fill in the form available at the AFAP website, ensuring that by 'Program Name' you write 'Rigdzin - Vista Program'.

Please send an email to to notify us of the donation.

Electronic Bank Transfer

Account Name:Rigdzin Trust
Account Number:010546-0089342-03
Bank Name:ANZ Bank
Bank Address:12 Hagley Street, Porirua, New Zealand

Please send an email to to notify us of the donation and which project it is for.

Automatic Payment (within New Zealand)

Credit your AP to ANZ Bank Account No: 010546-0089342-03

Please send an email to to notify us of the donation and which project it is for.


Cheques should be made out to 'The Rigdzin Trust' with the name of the intended project written on the back.

They should then be sent to the following address:

Rigdzin Foundation
PO Box 476

Note: Cheques in non-New Zealand currency take 30 days to clear.