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Nuns of Ju Mohar Monastery

The Rigdzin Foundation operates a programme of support for the nuns of Ju Mohar nunnery, with plans to expand this to cover monks in the future.

In Tibet there are very limited chances for education. Learning to read and write is often only available within a monastic structure and within that model, nuns are often the last to have access to these.

Despite much opposition, Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche, insisted the women of Junyong be given access to education and spiritual teachings, and so built a nunnery on a site near his Monestery. This site is extremely beautiful and considered to be very blessed.

Currently Rinpoche has 23 nuns or ane (pronounced anee) and they are living away from home in an isolated valley known as Yarchen Gar, where they are receiving teachings from Lama Archuk Rinpoche, one of the greatest old Tibetan masters living today.

However in order to hear these teachings the nuns live a very frugal existence, living in crude huts built by themselves and entirely dependent on the financial support of Amnyi Rinpoche's family.

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